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The Truth About Pressure Washing Concrete

pressure washing concrete

Pressure Washing Concrete – Good Idea Or No? Are you thinking about attempting a concrete pressure washing at your home or business?   It really is a good idea. A concrete pressure wash increases the value of your house and protects your home or business against pollen, mold, algae, and other contaminants.  So, it makes sense […]

She’s A Brick House: Pressure Washing Bricks and Masonry

pressure washing bricks

Pressure Washing Bricks and Masonry – Does It Work? Most people are familiar with pressure washing homes, roofs, sidewalks etc.  But what about pressure washing bricks?  Is that a possibility?  While bricks and masonry are sturdy, they can still accumulate dirt and grime just like other materials.   Pressure washing is a wonderful way to revitalize […]

Top Tips for Winter Pressure Washing in Ocala: Sparkling in the Chill!

winter pressure washing in ocala

Looking For Winter Pressure Washing Tips?  Keep Reading! Now, Ocala, Florida is not known for its harsh winters, but those of us who have lived here for a long time can tell you that it definitely gets cold in December and January. When winter does set in, keeping your home exterior clean in Ocala might […]

How To Clean A Fence

How to clean a fence

Fence Cleaning – A Guide So your fence needs cleaning.   Remember when your fence was first built? It looked absolutely amazing before the weather, lawn care and pesky animals started to wear it down. But don’t worry, you can bring it back to life!   It goes without saying that fences spend a lot […]