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Pressure Washing Bricks and Masonry – Does It Work?

Most people are familiar with pressure washing homes, roofs, sidewalks etc.  But what about pressure washing bricks?  Is that a possibility? 

While bricks and masonry are sturdy, they can still accumulate dirt and grime just like other materials.  

Pressure washing is a wonderful way to revitalize hard surfaces, whether it’s dirt and moss between the bricks or moss growing on masonry.  

In this post, we’ll explore the power of pressure cleaning bricks and masonry.   

pressure washing bricks

What is Pressure Washing? 

Pressure washing is the process where high-pressure water is used to remove dirt, grime and mold from surfaces. When it comes to bricks, it is important to use the right pressure and nozzle type to prevent damage and remove accumulated dirt.

 So, you are ready to pressure wash your brick home. How do you go about it? 

Let’s take a quick look: 

Cleansing Process: Step-by-Step Procedure 

  1. Prepare the area: Be prepared! Remove all debris from the area and cover any delicate surfaces or plants nearby. 
  1. Setup of Equipment: Research pressure washer settings. Choose a pressure washer that is suitable for brick and adjust the pressure settings. 
  1. Test area: Pass the test. Start with a small test area to determine the nozzle’s pressure and distance. 
  1. Cleaning: Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Work your way from the bottom up using consistent strokes, overlapping patterns, and overlapping lines. 
  1. Rinsing: Don’t forget to rinse! Thoroughly rinsing the surfaces will ensure complete removal of dirt, cleaning solution residue, and other contaminants. 
  1. Drying: Stay dry! Allow enough time for the bricks and masonry surfaces to completely dry.

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Bricks and masonry can be transformed from dull, grimy and unattractive eyesores to attractive building blocks of a home by pressure washing. You can restore the beauty of bricks and mortar that make up your home by  pressure washing once or twice a year.  Although you can do this yourself, you a want to hire a professional.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pressure wash bricks or masonry of all types?

Yes, pressure washing bricks or masonry is safe when done properly with the right pressure and technique. However, delicate surfaces may require lower pressure settings. Your best bet is to call a professional.

Can pressure washing cause damage to mortar between bricks?

Yes, it is possible.  Using an excessive amount of pressure or using a narrow nozzle near the mortar may damage it. Avoid harm by using wider nozzles. 

How often should pressure washing bricks and masonry be done?

It depends.. In general, cleaning bricks and masonry once a year will be good enough, though areas that are prone to mildew or moss may require more frequent pressure washing.  The unwritten rule is 1-2 times a year. 

Will pressure washing remove paint from bricks and masonry?

Yes, pressure washing can remove loose paint or paint flaking. Pressure washing painted surfaces is NOT recommended unless you intend to remove it.


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